Friday, February 12, 2010

Hook Up Telephone With Time Warner Modem Landline Telephone Experts Please Help Me.... Thank You?

Landline telephone experts please help me.... thank you? - hook up telephone with time warner modem

I work six phones in my house, none of them. Most of them connect to a telephone modem to the computer to connect via the Internet. I checked all the connections throughout the house, but I am novice in this area, so I hope someone helps me or I'll have to contact Time Warner tomorrow because they are straight.


  1. Unplug the cable modem and VoIP modem (box), if you have one. Wait, wait a few seconds and then plug the cable at first, until the light again, then close the "phone" if the light is flashing, wait until it stops blinking. This should fix the problem.

  2. Go start your cable modem - That's Time Warner Digital Phone "VoIP is the right place - such as Vonage and Magic Jack, how you can best do without the support of Time Warner cable modem reboot - pull for one minute, then back and wait until the lights again.